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Size limits allow fish to reach maturity to complete their breeding cycle. Figure 2. 2017-01-06T02:36. In landlocked lakes, Atlantic salmon may be taken as part of the trout daily limit. Size Range. Threadfin, for those unfamiliar with this species, are a superb fighting fish that taste sensational on the plate. Posted on Apr 24, 2012 in WA ... not realising until later there was no size limit on them. They are found from Broome in WA, across the top end and all the way down the east coast to Brisbane. Blue threadfin are widely distributed in the Indo-West Pacific, from the Persian Gulf and China through to Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and northern Australia from Exmouth Gulf to the Northern Territory border. Other names. Established in 1985, Western Angler is Western Australia’s longest running and best fishing magazine. Polydactylus macrochir. Size and possession limits. Common length — 80cm. Figure 1. Search resources. I knew a few of the basics; fish under the lights, keep the lure near the surface and be ready for when these fish strike because they will wrap you around the nearest pylon.Armed with the basics, I went out a few times but was never able to land that fish of my dreams. Regardless, having to achieve such large sizes to reach maturity means the … 5 per species. This fished over a matching 6 to 7 foot rod and you're in action. ISSN: 1447 – 2058 (Print) ISBN: 978-1-921258-58-9 (Print) With the very best fishing tactics, tips, stories and techniques. I looked it up this morning and saw it was 60cm. Fisheries Occasional Publication No. Caught commercially by the multi-species gillnet fishery, as well as by recreational, charter and aboriginal customary fishers. Diet. Blue salmon; Cooktown threadfin. Identifying features of Blue threadfin. Threadfins are silvery grey perciform fish of the family Polynemidae. World distribution of Blue threadfin. The name salmon most likely developed when a couple of northern hemisphere migrants were lamenting about not being able to catch real salmon here in Australia – so they gave the name salmon to the first silver coloured, hard fighting fish they came across! Threatened species caught in the NT and WA fisheries include dolphins, crocodiles and sawfish. Bag and size limits by species Bag and size limits can be found in our Recreational fishing guide or accessed through the online recreational fishing rules website - . Measure all your fish and return undersize or excess fish alive to the water. Blue threadfin have been reported to use their pectoral filaments to herd small fish and prawns into bait balls to make their prey easier to capture. Yet in northern WA they can reach sexual maturing as small as 90 cm. ,Ք�U�S"��y�����l��(p0P�J3�D8F�E �z|i����7:���ȴ�=%]e8�@#Om�϶$��{����eNz7,H��+.W�7��4ǧ�λ�d�]Ȁ�>���Z��;AF�^��Z���3��NOȵ`7oQ�+E��0_c����*P��/wO�G���'�=��7)�ͼ���} Blue threadfin attain sexual maturity (as males) at approximately 30 cm TL or two years of age. �PV����./P �h/�m�gK����ВP��o�f�S�. ANGLERS who have fished the estuaries and inshore regions of Australia's tropical north for any length of time are likely to have encountered the blue threadfin or Cooktown salmon, Eleutheronema tetradactylum. Steve’s Top Lures For Threadfin Salmon. King (Gulf of Carpentaria) 60cm min Possession limit of 5 This was later confirmed as a World Record by the International Game Fishing Association. Chinaman fish. Photo: Mervi Kangas. grooveyguru1. Threadfin salmons are popular recreational species in Western Australia and northern Queensland. Blue threadfin salmon, bluenose salmon, blue salmon, Cooktown salmon. Quirky looks aside, blue threadfin are a prized table fish across the northwest and are pursued by all sectors of the fishing community. Grows to 120 cm. Their firm flesh and large flakes make them absolutely ideal for barbecuing or grilling in steaks, cutlets or fillets, depending on size … If any fish can give the notorious Barramundi a run for its money, it’s Threadfin Salmon. Considered to be excellent eating. Anglers may not, however, continue to fish for Atlantic salmon after a daily limit of another species of salmon has been retained. Western Australian salmon are relatively long lived, known to grow up to one metre in length and can reach weights in excess of nine kilograms each (though the average fish caught would be five kilograms or less). in this episode we revisit the basics of how to target threadfin salmon. Move over Barramundi, there’s a new chart-topper in town! Depending on location, king threadfin usually grow to 60to 80 cm total length (TL) and are 2 to 4 years old before attaining sexual maturity as males. An aggressive feeder and active fighter when hooked – blue threadfin are highly respected by recreational fishers, particularly as they can perform thrilling manoeuvres on the line. Born male changing to female as they age, making the transition at around about 80-95cm in length. Comments attributed to Kimberley MLA Josie Farrer: "Fishing is a way of life in the Kimberley and involving the community in learning about threadfin salmon and also securing fish stocks for the future is really positive. Whether you are looking for a multiday offshore adventure around the Kimberley region, fun light tackle Sailfish action, backwater Barramundi, or battles with Blue Salmon and Giant Herring off the beaches, Broome fishing charters have it all. ... growth and size at sex change. Avoid bibbed, rattling or vibration style lures. The Government of Western Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. Worms, prawns and crabs. Download Resource �b��F=$�r�CozYޱJ��bNl���v2�X�h�3����މ�����f�"�Zm��(�.��K��t?OR�7KM���F��.P�$I)ȯ%՝S�)�E��ʉ�+���NnX x�y��e]b���5|e�ZI�{Bل8N�:���$0W[ 1Wތ.�c���hB)��( ��q_W�:׶ʌ�I����h53U'�FV|+v� ��†���N������d�Ӆ3��{�U��LX��z��� ˝`��΢�����Z93sA�-b.����+U���Oi�/�U��+eC�'r�('�������8�JV�+�8�6���Z�p�� ��eq��]�;�%>~`j��7B�SJ����LA \���=\i+�Ӻx�d�-��������6�a��0���55�?�*(�����u���y���Gx�d�;9����-�7j�iKǟ&'C���ɿQ �� �n� endstream endobj 134 0 obj <>stream The catch of King Threadfin in the KGBMF has been low and stable for the past four years (2014–17), ranging from 19–25 tonnes (t), with a mean annual catch of 21.9 t. The recent catches from 2014–2017 are well below the average of 74.5 t for the 10 year period from 2004–13. Found in tropical to subtropical waters throughout the world, the threadfin family contains eight genera and about 40 species. �O�H\������4 Exmouth Goldband Snapper Dongara Pink Snapper ... Broome Threadfin Salmon Herring Fillets. Figure 2. They can also be found in the ocean close to shore, in bays and shallow water. ���5��o�@ؙ[R7(קS�B�up!m'�4Qj� March to September is prime time for Brisbane River Threadfin Salmon. The king threadfin usually has five long filaments below the pectoral (side) fin, whereas the blue threadfin has only three or four short filaments. I was out last night and caught a threadfin salmon about 65cm and threw it back because I thought the size limit was 75cm. © 2021 Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development. n��W��;��d���vj��7_�A(+"����z0ps��8�Q.� �t�(�h��[���zN�]c!o5Y�ㄪ¼��\�ކ�vr���`l���:�XkX=[n�$��f�~ Ll:�zӭͭ+�(�,W�R���I��Q��s����(��6�\� �7Iu�;��B-ԃ�ⳮ9l�(�E����ХBZ�X�x&sG�C��D�Ml�;M����č�E�KF���QXc�$G("�.�ޝ�a ����ņ= 3 Western Australian Marine Research Laboratories, Department of Fisheries, Locked Bag 39, Cloisters Square, WA 6850 ... To determine the stock structure of king and blue threadfin salmon across northern Australia. Direct Seafood O'Connor, Perth WA > Our Products > Fish Fillets-> Fish Fillets. Broome Fishing Club stalwart Ben Little recently caught a 3.45kg giant threadfin salmon on fly using a 3kg tippet. Size. Possession limit of 5. Scientific name. Western Angler - Your Online Guide to Fishing Western Australia. �v5��o��������%�aQMی�"�=Q9�.���v���1�*�2W;73�m�h+ AS%麏r�.�f��i�E猏���ꦓ�8o�F"x���c�/�rS"�mP�L@]Kټ��"xPug�����'a�7��A�2Z�D.��F�^�f��H +5iG�MV�6~Vɑ�� ����V���������B��+�)� ���ـ��aF�L�Bp�}���xmt�o}�J�)�����;u� ���mC��T�`�=�����ҬJrm��QA�[���D����s��� +v����6��5꠷όe��ȴ��ɀ}_ �}��)>w�����r?�Iv�[���=��G6�O�D$.��e���O���KrA?�(.�N[�FNX>����fx:vCBYX�X*S�t�\��r�����v*�����0�����+4��I�^�� �f�w呂���f+;�C�ⷮ/t���4�����26U%;z�`d4;�����/1���-՛J��2H5Ҧc�ܤ��sc��}t�/v�x>Y�݆�&���@/N��1��D�,���5����!z���i�/aj���)�RS?�E��:UݤF�j�Kl_.��W�J�],���U�.He��G7e�o�E��G�i* cI�k�腫N��P��#��y��j6�S�w������:������^���n�B`��Ϫ�=t&�C*�]��w�9W4J. Ranging in length from 11 cm in the dwarf threadfin to 2 m in fourfinger threadfin and giant … Find out more about the biology of these weird looking fish and the commercial fishery in this fact sheet. That night Bec cooked our fish up in some flour and butter and as everyone was saying, it is a beautiful fish to eat when it is fresh. Threadfin By Warren 'Wazza' Smith. Threadfin salmons are popular recreational species in Western Australia and northern Queensland. With their goggling, oddly placed eyes and their whisker like pectoral filaments, blue threadfin are one of the weirder looking Western Australian fish species. ;K����x�b����N�;�pf�c�[��̌"\�h�^���j�3����K��D, Exploitation. They can also be one of the toughest and most finicky fish to try and fool into grabbing a lure. Seasons and size limits in place for trout apply to Atlantic salmon in landlocked lakes. Albany Nannygai Albany Cobbler. "The recreational fishing industry is an important economic driver for WA." This has delivered considerable value to … King salmon. Blue threadfin is caught in the gillnet fisheries that predominantly target barramundi. One of the main driving forces behind angling tourism in Western Australia, Broome fishing has something to offer every angler. Poster: Marine Habitats of Western Australia, Fishy Fun Activity: Who am I? Of course, blue threadfin isn’t a salmon at all; it’s a threadfin. Size and possession limits. It contains features and columns on everything fishing from WA and beyond. Search for resources. Published by Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Perth, Western Australia. Mainly found in sandy or muddy bottoms in rivers, estuaries and streams, often near mangroves. Cover: West Australian dhufish Glaucosoma hebraicum. • Streamer threadfin (Parapolynemus verekeri) – grows to a maximum length of around 15 centimetres with a very restricted distribution. ,rݕk���ϥ�!1��*��=y�Ez� ��H$E���3�F����t=>�`�l����3]x��x��;�c��v�Ć9�������O�d��ҢR/��C%�{-Դ�W��qV�׻�������,�ؒs�J��R�a�8���B�KX�hj��9:�W��z Post. While Sue was filleting the fish, a couple of people there were filleting 2 massive Threadfin Salmon. Marine protected areas. })�����NjK���G��~д�W��s�(�6�A.�T�I|!L�eP�N��b_�6|��7*� �Zy4�����,�H�'�t" endstream endobj 2 0 obj <>stream 133 0 obj <>stream We pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present. Threadfin salmons are excellent eating when cooked in a wide variety of ways. The king threadfin usually has five long filaments below the pectoral (side) fin, whereas the blue threadfin has only three or four short filaments. ... Threadfin (salmon) Species. Scientific name: Eleutheronema tetradactylum; Size Range: Common length — 59cm; Maximum length — 160cm. Lake Washington will open to fishing for coho salmon; Size and daily limits suspended on two eastern Washington lakes; Nisqually River closes to recreational angling; Columbia River - Buoy 10 chinook retention allowed after Labor Day; August 2016. Body is dark blue becoming lighter on the lower surface. Resources are free to access and use - or create an account to save and share your favourites with colleagues and friends and receive updates from our Community Education team. You can search for recreational fishing rules on the rules website by species and location. 103, sixth edition, June 2020. %PDF-1.6 %���� • Striped threadfin (Polydactylus plebeius) – adults have seven dark olive brown lines above their lateral line; maximum length 50 centimetres. Blue threadfin salmon, bluenose salmon, blue salmon, Cooktown salmon. Tides And Time Of Year For Threadfin Fishing. I usually use a 3000 size threadline with no more than 20lb braid and 20lb leader and don't be afraid to go lighter if needed to get the bite. Brand is not important as long as it’s in this size range and is a slow sinker. Imports: Namibia and Taiwan: frozen fillets (species identification uncertain) Common Size 50 – 90 cm 518 3. in this episode we revisit the basics of how to target threadfin salmon. East coast threadfin are reported to have to reach almost 120 cm before they become sexually mature. Fishing licences issues in other states are not valid in Western Australia. Marine Waters is proudly supported by Woodside. Burnett salmon. King (East coast) 65cm min. (Bluenose threadfin salmon, blue salmon) Eleutheronema tetradactylum. traditional owners will learn more about threadfin salmon and be able to pass this knowledge … Date: 29/08/2017 Size: 234KB All tropical snappers and sea perches (including Moses perch (snapper) (exceptions follow) 25cm min. King threadfin can live for 22 years Size limits on takes: Minimum size 40cm; Possession limits on takes: East coast: 10, Gulf of Carpentaria: 20. �&��%�Oj��j�u��@6���(%H�����F��s�L9���E�K��l�d�1]a[\�4��ԅPſL����B�l�kvO$Gs2;I�ڕz��I��V����"��]N>0�2��*�X�Nr�몤�ȅ���h�z��{ґ���������;ʘ@��_i��2���^-�L��=S��Mm��fq��y4U�����2�2�5�/�5��s9W%�N��. Like barra, threadfin salmon are protandrous hermaphrodites - meaning they get the best of both worlds. Identifying features of Blue threadfin. Maximum length — 170cm. King threadfin. Jan 06, 2017 #1. Catching a land based Brisbane River Threadfin Salmon was something I had wanted to do for a long time. ... oddly placed eyes and their whisker-like pectoral filaments, threadfins are one of the weirder looking Western Australian fish species. An unrelated species sometimes known by the name threadfin, Alectis indicus, is properly the Indian threadfish. Fact Sheet: Threadfin Salmon. With their goggling, oddly placed eyes and their whisker like pectoral filaments, blue threadfin are one of the weirder looking Western Australian fish species. Also called King Threadfin, Burnett Salmon, Sheridan’s Threadfin, and Gold Threadfin, this fish is a close second to the Barra both in food value and fighting power. The threadfin filaments that give this fish its name, help it to find food by picking up vibrations of moving prey such as worms, prawns and crabs hiding in the mud and sand. A slow sinking stickbait in the 20-30g range, 80-120mm are ideal. (demersal matching). WA Kimberley Gillnet and Barramundi Fishery (25t of King and blue threadfin in 2015) Both the NT and WA fisheries land relatively small volumes of blue threadfin. King threadfin, threadfin salmon, threadys, no matter what name you prefer to call them, they are one of our very best sportfish that we have here in Australia.

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