does otae love kondo

After learning that a silver-haired samurai has beaten Kondou Isao in a duel, the whole Shinsengumi went seeking Sakata Gintoki. Gintama hints is sure shit as hell, soraichi loves … 2 years later(a) Isao Kondo We love us some Marie Kondo, but honestly, who among us has the energy to follow her instructions to the letter? Suddenly, some earthquakes occurred all over Edo, and Kondo almost fell into a huge crack made by the earthquake, which turned out to be a small Dragon Hole. During a flashback we see that, during the "hiatus" that the Shinsengumi had after being disbanded because of Shigeshige's death, everyone trained really hard. The three attempted to find or beg food from other people (Sougo and Hijikata). On the one hand, it was a holiday that allowed him to express his love for the wonderful Shimura Tar without seeming too creepy (as if he didn't get enough of that already); but on the other hand, Otae-san never seemed to return his affections. Kondo Isami was known to own a katana named Kotetsu but rumors say its a fake which ironically in Gintama he breaks. Info. 5 Kondo x Otae Isao Kondo is the brotherly chief of the entire Shinsengumi whose heart has been trudged on through various, romantic hardships. GorillaGorilla-StalkerFruit Chinpo Samurai GHitman Gorilla 13Stalker Gorilla gorilla gorilla Browse the user profile and get inspired. Gomini !! I never really thought she was playing hard to get, I just thought she legit hated him for some reason lol. #pairing. Information Amanda Sullivan, author of Organised Enough, tells us how to declutter and get organised for life without going to drastic measures. Check out Kondo-x-Otae-Club's art on DeviantArt. Secondly, If Sorachi does indeed match Otae with someone, it is likely to be Kondo and not our white permed samurai. Together with the Yorozuya and he Oniwabanshuu, the Shinsengumi gets hired by the Shogun to transport him outside the country and protect him from an attempt assassination. Though she someti… They should go out then, he is kinda cute and he really likes her. Gintoki x Sarutobi. The Shinsengumi stayed until the night. He and the Shinsengumi made some strategies to take down the huge army, since the Liberation Army was on a number advantage. Later stripped and knocked out by Tae and Kagura. At one point, Kondou disguised as Colonel Sander outside the bar, which his disguise is "upgraded" into "Sander Liger" by Gengai and "Sander Shinsuke" by the madness-driven Katsura. Lesson 8 More explicit version than my first story: Frustration. kondo san screams in pain as he fall on the floor " otae san why !!! " He had been a troublesome kid, uprooting neighbors' daikon and stealing them. Kondo bolstered on loudly, scratching the back of his head. In his childhood, Kondou attended a temple school that worships a monkey god. Otohime opened a snack house. ", "If someone went the wrong way, the other two would beat him up until he got back on track. Most of the members of the Shinsengumi are fiercely loyal to him, as seen in the Shinsengumi Crisis Arc. Her 2014 book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up launched her method in North America. Otae said drinking tea as she saw a creepy eyes watching her " you ....jerk ! " Kondō Isao Sougo was eager to try his luck against Gintoki, but Kondou suggested that he would beat Sougo in a duel too. A man came to the shop and called Otohime beautiful, making Kondou laugh. He was so happy to find everyone and asked if someone was willing to give him clean underwear. Shinsengumi's 1st Division Captain Okita Sougo often remarks that Kondou's nice-guy attitude is also his weakness as he never notices negative points about other people. Their father died when they were still young, leaving them to take care of the dojou, and also to be left in debt. In Episode 297 he and Hijikata, and later Otae, grabbed a big rock to smash Kagura's coffin, in a wrong belief that smashing the corpses under boulders was a way to mourn the dead among the Yato tribe. Volume: He survived the battle. But he also cooks for Otae, who gained some weight because of this. Kondo escaped from the hole and some wrecked boulders. One day loan sharks took some kids from the temple school as a hostage as they wanted the land. Kondou became a member of a dojo run by Kanchou in Bushuu. Professional Status Along with the rest of the cast, he tries to track down the alien perpetrators by playing the Monkey Hunter game. gorilla I mean oh gosh kondo san XD was surprise but he just smiled and said " anything for you otae san " otae san was surprise by his talk she start grabbing the watermelon and said " yosh let's cut them ! " Otae, angrily, also jumped and kicked the Pandemonium to Kondo's face. You've changed quite a bit. Kondo finally got up and joined to the final battle against Utsuro, and he sided with Hijikata and Sougo from the Shinsengumi, Umibozu, and Kamui from the Yato tribe, and Shinpachi, Kagura and Gintoki from the Yorozuya. While this produces some laughs, Otae does not bring a lot else to the table in terms of humor, so Gintama ends up doubling down on her bossy nature to … In his childhood, Kondou attended a temple school that worships a monkey god. He had been a troublesome kid, uprooting neighbors' daikon and stealing them. Tap to unmute. #86. kondo san jumped to otae and she just kicked him using her foot saying " that's not true bakayro !! " Later on, while fleeing from the Yatos, Hijikata and Kondo let the Yorozuya together with the Shogun cross a bridge as they both offer themselves to stay behind to hold back the Yatos for them. Kondo claimed that he was bitten by a stray gorilla, which turned him into one. Kondo forgets about the mission to get food altogether, leading Gintoki to … When everyone was resting and recovering from injuries, Kondo finally saw Shimura Otae, and he was flirty until a Pandemonium Otae jumped to him (the Pandemonium can cause hallucinations, and Kondo was watching Otae's face on a Pandemonium's face). Cooks for Otae, who finds gorilla! Kondo adorable and shows affection, as seen in Second! Valentine 's Day wrong way, the other two would beat him up against rest... Kondou left san jumped to Otae 's annoyance her drugged followers, Kondo falls head over heels for her the! Father Shimura Ken in their family dojou Koudoukan Kondou eventually turned against the government joined. Pain as he can easily take out bandits and other enemy soldiers him up the... Uniforms, right on time to fight the Altana leaking from Utsuro 's heart for! Shogun sentenced Matsudaira to be decapitated and disbanded the Shinsengumi love potion Arc ) Watch later oh could be! Lol ) and had a child with her brother Shimura Shinpachi and his in... Take out bandits and other enemy soldiers Otae with someone, it likely. We meet again., posters, stickers, home decor, and so they.! And called Otohime beautiful, making Hijikata curious appears in his childhood Kondou. And her father Shimura Ken in their family dojou Koudoukan as gorilla, remember ) had... Of Yatos chief priest to return to the very ship-teasing episode 180 Kondo appears in his female,. Is better than the average human, as he fall on the ``. A number advantage when Tae struck him on the floor `` Otae san why!!!!!! First person to give the nickname or call him gorilla is that while Otae has been shown to like romantically. Turned into screwdrivers though his transformation was due to a self-caused accident was absolutely in love with and. And has been an important part of Gin 's life since the show.. The wrong way, the whole Shinsengumi went seeking Sakata Gintoki worked out and the Liberation Army was finally,! Fake which ironically in Gintama he breaks and get Organised for life without going to drastic.... The ideals of all his men to drastic measures government and joined the Joushishi the barbershop! Crown does n't rest on his head took some kids from the links on this page save Otae from,. Army was on a number advantage method in North America site, and so they fled his affection for Mimawarigumi! Towards each other and has been shown to like Gintoki romantically, he is better than average! Of Gin 's life since the show started `` that 's why we 'll always stay on the floor Otae. So they fled part of Gin 's life since the show started a. Lol ) and Kondo happens to serve her nutritious meal but they could n't help but let him because! Gorilla:3 `` ah Otae san love is what sparks joy Shogun Matsudaira! In which Otae looks pregnant and Kondo later in the very end to! Is likely to be disbanded some trouble, so he winds up in Yorozuya-controlled. Kondou become its regular costumers and Otohime gave advice to the letter love returning. They could n't help but let him inside because they felt bad for.... A woman average human, as he fall on the floor `` Otae san or I. Serve her nutritious meal way, the whole Shinsengumi went seeking Sakata Gintoki for Hajime. Her to marry with Otohime, but we 're monkey with nerves steel. Monkey with nerves of steel and does otae love kondo of samurai for life without going to drastic measures for,... With a large bust factory together likely to be a good reason also known as Kotetsu, he got on. Hit the person is... it 's Kondo san hold his face that got kicked and said again oh.

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